I'm Arzad, a Salesforce Developer &  Consultant.

I'm a results-driven Salesforce Developer with around five years of experience in the world of CRM and cloud-based solutions. 

My passion for Salesforce began early in my career, and over the years, I've cultivated a profound understanding of the platform's capabilities. I have witnessed firsthand how Salesforce can revolutionise the way businesses operate, making processes more efficient and improving customer relationships. It's this transformative potential that has driven my commitment to mastering the art of Salesforce development.


Surge Global (2022- current)

Role: Senior Salesforce Engineer

Domain: Finance/Education


CodeTerriers (2021-2022)

Role: Senior Salesforce Consultant

Domain: Tourism and Leisure


Virtusa (2019-2021)

Role: Software Engineer - Salesforce

Domain: Health Insurance and Life sciences


Awards & Recognition

HLS Hackathon Champions

Issued by Virtusa · July 2020

Medic is a fully automated AI application built on Salesforce and harnesses Google Cloud Platform to solve the distribution and purchasing of medical supplies from pharmacies to customers during a crisis by utilising intelligent systems and integrating 3rd party delivery organisations.

Our innovation Medic was awarded the final Champion in this global competition where 25+ Teams and over 100 participants across the globe contested within the Virtusa Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) segment.

Team Name : Salesforce CMB
Product Name : MEDIC

CodeAthon 2K19

Issued by Virtusa · August 2019

The following certificate was awarded to our team for our research and development of an Artificial Intelligence based wound analyser that is built on Salesforce and its Einstein Vision and AI platform.

This innovation uses visual telemetry with cognitive labelling to revolutionise the healthcare sector where patients, pharmacies, paramedics and hospitals will integrate and interact with each other seamlessly.

This project was awarded 2nd place for the CodeAthon 2019, A hackathon competition held by Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd for its Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) segment, across all branches in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.


MSc Computer Science (Business Computing) (Reading.)

BEng Software Engineering (2015-2018)